Combined RCD/MCB JEL4





Technical characteristics:

 - Combined circuit breakers with electronic residual current device

- Rated current: 10-40А
- Rated operating voltage: 230/400V, 50Hz
- Rated residual current: 30/100/300/500mA
- Number of poles: 2
- Surge voltage wear resistance: ≥2 000V
- Breaking capacity: 6000А
- IP code: IP>20
- Activation time:
    of the residual current device <0.1s at IΔn and <0.04s at 2 IΔn
    of the circuit breaker < 0.1s
- Ambient temperature: -10°÷45ºС
- Maximum altitude: up to 2000m

Mounting: on a DIN rail

EN 61 009-1
EN 61009-2