Contactors LT1-F 115-800A





Technical Characteristics:

-  Operation class: АС3
- Rated operating voltage of the power contacts: up to 1000V; 50/60Hz 
- Rated current: 115A up to 800А
- Surge voltage wear resistance: 8 000V
- Rated operating voltage of the coil:12/24/36/48/110/230/400
- Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥1 000 000
- Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥10 000 000
- Number of cycles (switchings ON) per hour: 200
- Power dissipation per pole: from 16 to 80W
- Ambient temperature: -10°÷60ºС
- Maximum altitude: up to 2000м


Mounting: on a DIN rail or using screws to a flat surface in a vertical position with maximum incline of ±5°



- High reliability of the current parameters
- Secure separation of the power contacts
- Resistant to UV rays 
- Easy mounting
- Long life

- Frequently switching ON/OFF of electrical circuits under load
- Developing of systems for control of consumers 
- Operational element in control boards
- Protection of loads and electrical devices in production and exploitation
- Control of motors in normal or heavy operating environments



- Industry
- Building construction
- Administrative and public buildings