Quarz time switch with power reserve - TM 181
Quarz time switch with power reserve - TM 181







The mechanic relay for time is supposed to be used for managing chains with maximum capacity of 3500W.After
the setting ,the timer executes the functions we required in 24 hours regime. The minimum period for setting is
30 minutes as it is executed within 48 pcs segments which the timing of the work and rest of the consummator is
being set.The timer is accomplished with a battery which assures the work by 150 hours after power failure.


• Rated voltage: 230-240V AC 50/60Hz
• Time range: 24 hours
• Min. programmable interval: 30 minutes
• Time adjustment: manual
• Battery power reserve: 150 hours
• Time deviation: ± 1s (at 20°C)
• Consumption: 2.5VA
• Contact: 1NO
• Contact capacity: 16А
• Electrical endurance: 10⁵ times
• Mechanical endurance: 10⁷ times
• Section of the conductor: rigid conductors up to


• DIN-rail