LIFE STYLE serie offers rich palette of colours and solutions for your home. The elegant design and easy panel change provide real pleasure in decoration of rooms. The serie offers white and black functional parts and the following frame colours: 

-  white
- silver grey
- chrome
- yellow
- pear-tree

-  gold
- bordo
- cherry-tree
- dark grey
- green
- light and dark blue

- Wide selection of functions meets all basic requirements and needs
- Options for combining of different functions by assembling in decorative frames (from 2 to 6 modules),creating perfect harmony at home. 

-  The series is available with individual fconsoles for the model for wall/plasterboard built-in mounting, as well as for surface mounting with IP 44


- Quick and easy mounting
- High quality and reliability
- Elegant design

- Residential and office buildings, hotels



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