Technical data
Rated voltage: 230V / 50/60Hz
Description: Spotlight
Power: 5,5W /20W /30W
Colour temperature: 2700К/ 4000K /6400K
Lumens /whole fixture/: 440lm
Power Supply: control gear, DC device – driver, included in the set
CRI: >80
Switch on/off > 20000
Protection against dust and moisture: IP40
Housing: aluminum 
Colour of the housing: White/ Black/ Grey
Long life: 30000 hours



Areas of application:
Commercial sites
Administrative buildings
Entertainment and leisure spots




Product benefits:
Completely replace traditional lighting fixtures
Pleasant and uniform light distribution
Low power consumption
Repeated switch on/off does not affect the lifespan
Instant light with maximum luminous flux
Environmentally friendly - no mercury and lead
No ultraviolet and infrared rays
Resistant to shock and vibration-free body
Low heat emission


More pictures
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