Technical specifications:

- Power: 36W/40W
 - Rated voltage : 230VAC
 - Power supply: control gear, DC device - driver
 - LED type: SMD
- Luminous flux: 
    36W – 2400lm
    40w - 3200lm 
    40W – 3200lm
- Colour temperature: 4000-4300К/6000-6400k(model only 45w-595x595mm)
- Protection against dust and moisture : IP40
-  Dimensions: 
    36W – 595x595mm
    40w - 595x595mm
    40W – 1195x295mm
 - Housing: aesthetic aluminum frame, no change of color over time
 - Diffuser: even distribution of lights, without formation of lighter or darker spots
 - Installation: built-in / pendant kit available
 - Long life: 15000 hours


 Application areas:

- Residential buildings
 - Commercial buildings
 - Administrative buildings
 - Banks
 - Hospitals
 - Schools



- Completely replace traditional fluorescent lighting
 - Safety, low voltage operation
 - Installation options: suspended ceilings, artificial walls, pendant mounting
 - Emit a very pleasant and even light with very low glare factor due to the diffusion lens
 - Low power consumption
 - Repeated switch-on/off does not affect the lifespan of the LED panel
 - Instant light with maximum luminous flux
 - Environmentally friendly - do not emit mercury and lead (RoHS Directive)
 - No ultraviolet and infrared rays
 - Resistant to shock and vibration