DIN-Rail Buttons and LEDs





Technical characteristics:

-  Insulation voltage: 660V; 50/60Hz
- Surge voltage wear resistance: 6000V
- Rated current: up to 10А (230V АС)
- Short circuit protection: breaker 10А gG outside of the circuit
- Rated consumed current (for indicators and buttons combined with indicators) :<20mA

-  Life (indicators): >2000h
- Mechanical wear resistance (buttons):1х106 commutation cycles
- Mechanical pressure strength:
    At closing: 20N
    At opening: 8N
- Operating temperature: -20 - +70°С
- Humidity: 35 - 85%RH
- Connecting wires torgue: 0.15 Nm
- Section of the conductor : 1х0.5; 1х0.75; 1х1; 1х1.5; 1х2.5mm2
- Resistant to UV rays plastic

- DIN rail

EN 60947-1
EN 60 947-5-1



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