Surface mounting polyester boards EC - IP65





• Colour: grey RAL 7035.
• IP65 protection degree.
• Material: made of halogen free reinforced fiberglass polyester, self-extinguishing V0 degree according to UL94.
• Double insulation, shock resistance: IK10, 20j, according to EN 62262.
• Application temperature: minimum –25°, maximum +65°.
• Resistance to abnormal heat (GWT)- board with blank door up to 960°C - board with transparent window up to
• Application voltage 1000V, suitable for photovoltaic plants.
• Right or left reversible door with stainless steel pins – it can be opened more than 180°.
• Plain and smooth headboards for easy opening and conduit inlet.
• Removable frame ready to install slotted trunkings in the back.
• Back plates made up of metal or insulating material can be fixed directly to the board back, also if the frame is
used, or can be adjusted to different heights through the kit EC625REG.
• Possibility to mount 48-75mm high switches or 102mm high switches starting from the board with dimensions
• One-Screw-System: only one type of screws is used for the different accessories in order to permit a simple and
easy assembly.
• Left or right reversible counter door with stainless steel pins, ergonomic handle, triangle lock, adjustable at two
different heights with reference grid for the fixing of the devices.
• Fixing of the single/double blank or windowed panels through a ¼ turn screws.