Combined voltage circuit-breaker МN2





• when the voltage is reduced below 170V operation
isinitiated and the automatic switch is turned off
• when the voltage is increased above 280V
operation is initiated and the automatic switch is turned off
• allows manual turning on of the switch after
powering is restored
• indication of the position of the device
• Rated voltage: 230V; 50/60Hz
• Insulation voltage: ≥2000V
• IP code: IP>20
• Double connector: flat (tunnel) screw connector
• Feeding (conducting):
flexible conductors up to 1.5mm²
• Tightening moment of the screw: 1.33Nm
• vertical, by means of two pins attached to the rivets
of the circuit-breaker, while the operating mechanism
is connected to the switching off mechanism of the
circuit breaker after the sealing lid is demounted