LED Cabinet Light CAB-20







Technical Specifications:

- Power: 12W
- Color temperature: white / warm white
- Rated voltage: 12VDC
- Power Supply: control gear – driver for 12VDC (not included in the set)
- Type of LED: SMD5050
- Luminous flux: 1050lm
- Protection against dust and moisture: IP20
- Housing: aluminum 500x42x15mm
- Colour of the housing: grey
- Diffuser: PMMA
- Long life span

Application areas:

- Kitchen facilities
- Service areas
- Residential buildings
- Retail Showcases and counters

- Safety, low voltage operation
- Uniform and gentle illumination
- Low power consumption
- Repeated switch on/off does not affect life span
- Instant light with maximum luminous flux
- Environmentally friendly - no mercury and lead
- No ultraviolet and infrared rays