BELLA Luminaire with LED Tubes






Technical characteristics:
- Power: 1x10W/ 2x10W/ 1x18W/ 2x18W/ 1x24W/ 2x24W
- Voltage: 230 V/ 50-60 Hz, Single-ended power
- Type of LED: LED Tubes 
- Luminous flux: 
   1x10W - 800lm
   2x10W - 1600lm
   1x18W - 1440lm
   2x18W - 2880lm
   1x22W - 1920lm
   2x22W - 3840lm
- Colour temperature: 4000÷4300К/ 6200÷6500K
- Body colour: grey
- Protection against dust and moisture: IP65

- Damp areas
- Dusty environment
- Kitchen premises
- Roofed outdoor areas

- Replacement of conventional fluorescent tubes with highly efficient LED tubes
- Installation: surface ceiling mounting
- Low power consumption
- Repeated switch-on/off does not affect the lifespan of the luminaire
- Instant light with maximum luminous flux
- No ultraviolet and infrared rays
- Stable and uniform light distribution