Multi-core conductor with Cu wires and PVC insulation

Technical data:

• Nominal voltage: Uo- 300V; U- 500V

• Ambient temperature- from -20°C to +50°C

• Max. oprating temperature- +70C°

• Instalation temperature- ≥-5°C

• Conductor material- Copper (Cu)

• Conductors insulation - PVC compaund

• Outer steath material-filling sheath and PVC compaund

• Conductor construction- solid CU wires, class 1 and class 2 for cross section above 10mm²



For fixed instalations in , or on under plasterboard, in lighting networks in dry places. Can be used and in damp or wet rooms, in wall and concrete, in switchboards and mashines. Is suitable for outdoor use if cable is protected against direct sunshine.



DIN VDE 0295; IEC 60228- according to construction

DIN VDE 0250-204- according to multi-core conductors

IEC60332-1- according to flame retardant