Star-Delta Starters

Technical characteristics:
- Rated operating current ranges: from 7 up to 93А АС 
- Rated operating voltage of the controlling coil: 400V АС; 50/60Hz 
- Rated operating voltage: 690V 
- Insulation voltage: >690V 
- Impulse voltage withstand: 6 000V 
- IP  code: IP54
- Ambient temperature: -10°÷60ºС
- Maximum altitude: up to 2000m


Mounting: on a flat smooth surface using bolts/screws





- Option for open and closed type
- Metal body: with corrosion resistant coating 
- Option for operation at higher frequency 
- Low power consumption and small dimensions
- High reliability of the current parameters
- Option for mounting of additional contacts (for the open type) 
- Indication of the operating conditions



-  Designed for remote control, direct control and protection of induction motors 
- Prevents motor’s operation at unusual temperature conditions 
- They provide the easy motor unwinding giving possibility for setting the time for unwinding in “star” as the time for switching between “star” and “delta” is fixed to 0.5 seconds. 

- Industry
- Infrastructure

EN 60947-1   
EN 60947-4-1