CITY serie






Universal colours of the switches and sockets of CITY series provide exquisite
and professional appearance to any room. They are available in two main colours: 
- White metallic 
- Champagne metallic
CITY series provides a unique opportunity to combining of different functions by
assembling in decorative frames. Our variety of colours and patterns ensures that
you can find the right frame. Decorative frames are available in 10 different colours:


- White
- Champagne
- Orange
- Yellow
- Green
- Red
- Blue
- Orange metallic
- Bordo metallic
- Grey


- Wide selection of 19 functions meets your requirements and needs
- Options for combining of different functions in decorative frames (from 1 to 5 modules)


- Compatible with all standard consoles for wall/plasterboard built-in mounting
- Quick and easy mounting
- High quality and reliability
- Elegant design

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