Automatic Switch EQ1





Technical characteristics:
- Rated operating voltage: 690V; 50/60Hz
- Rated current: 100-630А
- IP code: IP21
- Surge voltage wear resistance: ≥6 000V


Mounting: vertically on a flat surface using bolts


- Selection between device with integrated and separated controller
- Option for setting the change-over time between the two sources – min 3s
- Option for automatic switch-over to the main power supply source after restoring its parameters
- High reliability, safety and long life


- Provide continuous power supply and two electrical sources automatic switch in case of failure or deviation from the set parameters
- Control the status of the circuit parameters: 
        presence of the three phases
        limits of the phase voltage
        short circuit at the output
- Switching to dual power change-over at power supply phase lack
- Breaking of electrical circuits and control of powerful consumers
- Main breaker in housing or industrial distributing installations supplied with a generator or with a second power supply source



- Administrative and public buildings-hospitals, military sites, control rooms
- Industry-productions requiring continuity of the process
- Generators

EN 60947-1  
EN 60947-2    
EN 60947-6-1



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