Phase sequence indicator EK-RSTB





The device is to be mounted on DIN-rail. It is used for control and indication of the presence, sequence and
quality of the phases. The device indicates the following fault:
• lack of one or several phases;
• change in the sequence of the phases;
• lowering of the power supplying voltage: under 10%;
• increasing of the power supplying voltage: over 10%;
• phase asymmetry of the power supplying voltage: ±10%
In the presence of one of the conditions above a relay starts operating in the device which breaks the controlling circuit.
The time between fault indication and outlet relay switching on can be adjusted in order to prevent unwilling
stops at very short breaks. When the voltage is back to normal limits, the device receives energy (indication lights)
according to the hysteresic values. At phase sequence fault the device operates immediately.
• Power supply voltage: 400V; 50Hz
• Possibility for operation range adjustment: 0.1 – 10 seconds
• Possibility for working range adjustment: from 300 to 480 V
• Electrical wear resistance: 1 000 000 cycles
• Mechanical wear resistance: 10 000 000 cycles
• Indication:
  • green LED – indication for a change in the condition
  • red LED - failure
• Operating temperature: -5 ÷ +65°C
• Humidity: 35 – 85%RH
• Weight: 120g
• DIN-rail