Reverse Contactors LT4





Technical characteristics:
- Rated current: 18A/25A/32A/40A/65A/95А
- Operaton class : АС3
- Rated operating voltage of the controlling coil: 230V АC; 50/60Hz
- Rated operating voltage of the power circuit: up to 690V АС
- Insulation voltage: 690V
- Surge voltage wear resistance: ≥8 000V
- Number of contacts: 3 NO power contacts +1NO operating 
(for contactors over 40А there is also auxiliary 1NC contact)
- Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥1 000 000
- Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥10 000 000
- Number of cycles per hour: up to 600 switchings
- Ambient temperature : -10°÷60ºС
- Maximum altitude: 2000m


Mounting: on a DIN rail or using screws to flat surface in a vertical position with maximum incline of ±5°



-  Material: resistant to UV rays, self-extinguishing
- Switching ON of electrical motors in one direction of rotation and turning (reversing) of the rotation direction at outside command.
- No option for simultaneous switching ON of the two contactors in the group due to mechanical interlock 
- High reliability of the current parameters
- Secure separation of the power contacts
- Easy mounting 
- Long life

- The contactor is used for reverse control of inductive motor with short circuited rotor. 
- Developing of control systems



-  Industry
- Services


EN 60947-1
EN 60947-4-1