Every company claiming to be a market leader and having serious long-term development plans both in terms of business and public dimension must logically manifest a vision for the future.



ELMARK has the ambition to be a symbol of responsibility - for us that is an essential part of the aspiration of business nowadays to improve the lifestyle of all people. The corporate responsibility ELMARK does not consist only in our responsibility to society as a whole but it extends naturally as care for the local community, the sustainable development and the enhancement of the economic prospects of the region.



Similarly to other leading companies worldwide we strive to comply with and follow the highest environmental standards in production and to reduce the impact of processes on the environment. Some of our top priorities, of our course, is the high level of energy efficiency with which we aim both to minimize our costs in the long run and to preserve the environment.


Staff training

ELMARK invests considerable resources and time in the training its employees. For us it is essential to have a qualified team competent in every respect. 


Efficient production

ELMARK uses last generation systems and technologies which significantly improve the efficiency of the production process. Thus we can easily attain the quality that our consumers deserve at a reasonable price.



The ethical attitude of the company to its employees makes us as one of the best employers and provokes many young people to look for professional careers and future with us.


Individual approach to every market

ELMARK seeks to apply an individual approach to every new market where it sets foot in. We are able to analyze the local specificity, the expectations and needs of consumers in order to offer the most appropriate and reasonable technological solutions.


Quality of life

The comprehensive corporate responsibility that we initiate is important not only in terms of image but also in terms of the commitments that we undertake to the society in which we develop. A successful business is made up not only of expansion and costs and benefits but also of far more valuable things like good attitude, sincere care and loyalty to people. To be an even more important and responsible part of public life we strive to be a partner to various initiatives that promise a better future to us, our families, our parents, children and even grandchildren.