The market awareness and the coordination between the branches is an essential factor for the successful international expansion of a company of the rank of ELMARK. By implementing our ambitious foreign policy and using the ability to provide solutions that are well known for their high quality and reliability we were able to create an enormous network of offices.


One of the strategic decisions concerning the distribution of our products globally that we implemented was the incredibly successful distribution project which provided even greater possibilities for our clients. Thanks to this approach our products can be found in many commercial outlets which allowed us to significantly boost our efficiency and revenues and to expand the range of our clients.


Our branches and offices can be found in a number of countries today, among which:


 •    Bosna and Herzegovina
•    Bulgaria
•    Croatia
•    Dubai, UAE
•    Greece
•    Hungary
•    Romania
•    Serbia
•    Slovakia
•    Slovenia

•    United Kingdom


The strategic planning which ELMARK has been successfully following over a few years offered solutions which reasonably attracted the interest of numerous clients in the international market. Contracts have been signed for close cooperation with international partners from Europe and the Middle East enabling us to offer our products in another 20 countries where the interest in these products is really huge:


•    Belgium

•    Jordan 

•    Kuwait

•    Lithuania

•    Macedonia

•    Montenegro

•    Poland

•    Portugal