Logistical planning is an essential element of the growth and success of a company. For that reason ELMARK strives to improve its approach and capabilities in this area and to reach its partners and customers irrespective of their location around the globe.

The special attention dedicated to logistics and its efficiency wins the trust and respect of our customers and partners. They are well aware that they can rely on us to get the products they need within a short and acceptable for them time limits.

The central office of ELMARK Holding AD is in Varna, Bulgaria. The company owns a modern, five-storey office building with total floor space of 3500 square meters which houses the management structures of ELMARK and its international trade departments.

The main production facilities are managed by ELMARK Industries AD, a member of the holding structure, and are strategically located near the town of Dobrich on territory of 10,000 square meters. Bulgaria's membership in the European Union, the excellent infrastructure, the multiple transport links and the prospective investments in the region provide ample opportunities and guarantee quick delivery to our representative offices in many countries.

ELMARK holds an EU license for international transport of goods and the company fleet has its own truck compositions that serve the distribution channels of the offices of the company on the Balkans and in Europe and achieve delivery at destination within 3 days.

With the significant expansion of the company ELMARK built a modern logistics centre. The location at the Europe-Asia crossroad, close to Pan-European Transport Corridor 8, supports the overcoming of the logistical challenges encountered by the distribution system of the company. The storage facilities maintain stock of all products making it easy to quickly meet the needs of our numerous customers. Competitive advantage is the transportation of goods within 3-7 days by road to Turkey, Irak and 14days by sea to Egypt.

Today, the products of ELMARK can easily reach different points of the world where people and businesses need professional electrical low voltage equipment and lighting equipment which they can fully trust.

Servicing all subsidiaries with modern software. 

A modern ERP system for unified management of the business was introduced in the whole structure of the company allowing for better coordination of the functional departments and increased efficiency of the activities. Elmark strives to link all stages of the production cycle and to document automatically the output of the different stages. There is an exceptional need for a structure of that scale to ensure that all companies in the holding, irrespective of their establishment in different countries, work with a single information system.


Without a single IT solution, the language barrier seems too great and the supervision of people and activities would be extremely difficult. The functionality of the introduced ERP system are being developed on a daily basis to automate customer service and to facilitate customer access to ELMARK products.