Thanks to the prompt introduction of state-of-the-art technologies and the commitment to innovation in every aspect of the production process ELMARK continues to generate ideas, developments and products of the highest level.


Development and integration of new products

The company has been actively expanding its product portfolio to meet the increased demand and the customer expectations in a comprehensive product line. ELMARK offers diverse assortment developed and adapted to the local market and the requirements of international markets. 


Production capacities

The factory of ELMARK is strategically located in the town of Dobrich where it benefits from its proximity to major transport links and direct access to European market. With its production and storage facilities the plant plays a major role in the company's strategy to maintain high product quality thus offering great value to customers.


The production and logistics centre occupies a total area of 10,000 m2. The production facilities of the company have modern equipment and the whole necessary supporting infrastructure which allows for further expansion of the capacity with minimum investment.


The "internal' production process that takes place in the factory of ELMARK in Dobrich consists of rigorous testing cycle of production, which ensures high quality and reliability. The factory of ELMARK undergoes an annual audit of the production by the certifying company of Intertek; the management and quality control system of the products are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, issued by Bureau Veritas, the ROHS certificate of ELMARK guarantees absence of substances posing hazard to humans and the environment. 


Outsourcing is an integral part of the strategic approach of ELMARK to the production process. The company has been successfully using this model to maintain the flexibility and to control the costs. 


The long experience of the professional team of ELMARK ensures the proper control of the production and the active involvement in the development and successful delivery of the full range of professional electrical low voltage equipment and lighting bodies. We conduct trainings and prepare materials and tests to ensure the professional training of the teams and their prompt familiarization with new technologies and products.