The high quality and its constant maintenance when creating a product portfolio of a responsible company is a leading factor for the implementation of its business ambitions in the long run. ELMARK relies on the compliance with the latest standards in terms of quality control in the manufacture of low voltage electrical equipment, lighting equipment and installation products.


Industrial certificates, insurance and guarantees

The quality of the company's products is guaranteed by industrial certificates, licenses, product warranty and international insurance. ELMARK enjoys an excellent level of customer satisfaction which is a direct consequence of the use of the company's products.


• The quality management system ISO 9001:2008, BUREAU VERITAS

• CE marking according to Directive 2006/95/EC Low Voltage 

• ROHS Certificates (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances)

• S- MARK for European Product Safety, INTERTEK SEMKO AB

• Three-year full warranty of ELMARK products

• International insurance which guarantees coverage of damages that may occur as a result of any act or omission relating to the products of the company


Thanks to our long experience in the manufacture of electrical components and solutions we apply a constantly improving complex testing technology aimed at yielding the amazing quality of ELMARK products. The tests of our products cover virtually every aspect of their use and follow the strictest safety standards without equivalent in this part of Europe.


One of the most important advantages for us in maintaining the quality of our solutions is the loyalty of our customers who know that they can rely on us when they need a high-quality, durable and cost effective solution to meet their specific needs.


Following the strict quality control procedures, ELMARK has established itself as a key factor in the markets for electrical products in a number of countries in Southeast and Central Europe, and the Middle East.




Strong market presence and trademark

• An established trademark with standing out identity and distinction of the product 

• A key player in the market with solid positions in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Greece

• More than 54% of the sales are made on foreign markets and the share of exports is expected to grow


Proven experience and product quality

• Quality certificates and implemented ISO 9001 quality control system

• Established business relations with key players along the entire added value chain for industrial electrical equipment

• Highly specialized and trained work force


Strategic advantages and capabilities

• Focus on low voltage electrical products covering a broad range of clients and the important strategic energy sector

• Strategic geographic position


High value to clients

• Emphasis on quality as evidenced by industrial licenses, extended warranties and insurance policies in combination with highly competitive prices

• System for timely delivery and flexibility in customer service

• The software ERP system for unified management of the business allows for better coordination of the functional departments and increased efficiency of the activities


Outstanding production capacities

• Well developed factory infrastructure with sufficient capacity for significant increase in production

• An optimized production platform and a fully functioning system for comprehensive control guaranteeing high quality products


Wide Range of Professional Products

• Full range of low- voltage electrical and lighting products that provide professional solutions for industrial and residential buildings, new construction and renovation.  


Competent management

• Experienced and dedicated management personnel with in-depth knowledge of the market and the business network

• The key management team have extensive experience and proven success in working together