The excellence in the production of high-tech solutions in the field of low voltage electrical equipment and lighting equipment has been constantly opening new markets to ELMARK. A direction in which the company has been expanding its presence is precisely the industrial market and the B2B market where the demand for cost-effective, high quality and durable products is significant.

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ELMARK products have proven their reliability, quality and efficiency and this is one of the main factors making them preferred products for the production processes of large and small businesses. The diversity of the products such as circuit breakers and protection elements, electrical components, relays, distribution boards, components for electrical systems, switches and sockets is one of the main reasons why the company is a preferred supplier of equipment in different areas of production. Learn more





Making best use of its experience, the company has managed to offer unique solutions in this respect and to achieve an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction. A lot of medical centres, hospitals, clinics and other health care establishments have already trusted ELMARK in order to guarantee the best for their patients. Besides the lighting products of the company, considerable interest was also generated by its electrical components that ensure reliability and safety to people in similar circumstances. Learn more





ELMARK offers a number of products in the field of lighting and electrical systems designed to meet the needs of offices, various public institutions and organizations. Some of the company's customers are educational institutions, municipal administrations, government agencies, hospitals, institutions and other organizations of public importance. Learn more







The clients which have trusted the company comprise thousands of shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets which insist on using reliable and efficient electrical and lighting equipment to guarantee the comfort and safety of their customers.A broad range of solutions supplied by the company and oriented towards business clients guarantees the full satisfaction of user needs. Learn more






Taking advantage of its broad range of products which comply with the highest class of international standards ELMARK offers also a number of home and garden solutions that leave a lasting impression of quality and reliability in customers. The consistent policy of the company helps it to constantly attract new customers and to justify the trust old of customers who are looking for the ideal solution for their home. Learn more






The entertainment industry accounts for a substantial share in the business of 21 century. The investments and the income of this economic sector are enormous and require serious and innovative solutions to meet business needs in the long run. ELMARK offers a number of systems that meet these demands and easily combine quality and safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness, efficiency and care for the environment. Learn more






For end users it is important to have reliable and energy-saving products and the solutions that they will find in the product range of the company have proven, maintained and even increased their quality over the years. The traditions and approach to the sales oriented towards end users gain their loyalty and expand the influence of the company in these markets. Learn more







ELMARK is constantly seeking to attract new partners for long-term cooperation. The corporate policy of the company is based on deep loyalty, honesty, responsibility and ethics in business. The excellent relations among the partners of the company guarantee the future successes that will bring even better prospects for development. Learn more